Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Had electrician install an outlet and light with switch.  Trench was dug by me on the hottest, most humid day of July.

This was a blue plastic drum that I got for free and painted beige.  Cut a hole for overflow and a hole for a spigot.  Only downside is that flow is somewhat slow.  I may try to raise the barrel on blocks to get faster flow.
Installed a metal gutter with downspout on the north side of the greenhouse. The gutter requires periodic cleaning from leaves.  Downspout flows into a rain barrel.
Insulation.  Used foam with reflective backing to insulate the areas with clapboard siding only.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

 Interior view.  The temporary support pole has been removed.  Next phase is plants, heat sinks and a rain barrel.  3/4 inch crushed stone used for the floor and exterior drip line.  Bottom center window opens.
 View of west and south sides.
 View of east and south sides.
 View of east and north sides.
View of south side.
Installation of Suntuf roof sheets.  These went up pretty quick.

Cross bracing for Suntuf roof preparation.  This is what Suntuf recommended for snow load.